Leith Kennedy Art


Leith‚ the person‚ is a artist‚ who escapes & creates big‚ bold & brightly colored abstracts – in other words “Leith Kennedy Art”.



Self-taught and non-prescript creator of abstract expressions‚ Leith has only recently started to make his work available to his community.


Leith‚ the person‚ is a 30 something artist‚ who escapes and creates in his spare time. He creates big‚ bold and brightly colored abstracts – in other words “Leith Kennedy on Canvas”.


Younger years‚ great company and big hair! Leith’s works contain canvas‚ acrylics‚ oils‚ spray paints‚ sands and can definitely been taken lightly. His work is a selection of exultant raw emotions‚ otherwise suppressed by faces‚ facades and masks.

Arty Color Gallery

Some of my paintings are exclusively entrusted through my amazing FR connections Arty Color Gallery France!


Most of my AU sales have been through my closest AU art friends and Australia’s largest art marketplace Bluethumb Australia!

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