Red and Blue V

By Leith Kennedy Art 2018


50cm (W) x 100cm (H) x 0.1cm (D)



Acrylic on UV stabilized poly carbonate: A Riot Shield! (Liquitex Acrylic Products)



This recently retired NSW Police Force "Intermediate Shield" was a another VERY special 'canvas' for painter Leith Kennedy, it just had to be done again in 2018 for this great cause!

This clear UV stabilised poly-carbonate shield has been brilliantly animated with the finest quality Liquitex acrylics and Liquitex spray paints. The shield has been sealed with a glossy finish. The once used and now retired shield, only left the NSW Police Force Public Order and Riot Squad in Sept 2018, it is now vibrant‚ colour fuelled and emotive – in other words “Leith Kennedy Art”!

The item is a charity auction, available for bidding at the annual NSW Police Legacy Blue Ribbon Ball 29th September 2018!


This item is RARE and normally unattainable anywhere else!

Red and Blue V