By Leith Kennedy

91.4cm (W) x 45.7cm (H)

I used to club a lot‚ this first "sister" was ALWAYS at the bar @ the Imperial Hotel‚ Erskineville. The smoking laws have since changed‚ though I often wonder if she changed too... Her white glasses and pearls were a regular Friday evening accessory!

The second "lady", despite a big night‚ lipstick has not failed "her". the lipstick was inspired by company once kept by many‚ in the inner west of Sydney. 

The third - She was always a little different to everyone one there‚ but you could tell she was related to her two sisters. The third, well her hat was always black or red‚ or both! 

"Three Sister's Series".

Stretched Canvas - Acid free - 340gsm - Double Thick

Finished with a high gloss seal.

Three Sisters Family Portrait!